Est. 1964
Precision Machining
        Metal Research, Inc. was established in 1964 under the leadership and vision of men who saw a need for precision machining and fabrication of superior quality. The U.S. – U.S.S.R. space race dictated a need for individuals willing to take the risk involved with providing technologically – driven aerospace components for the fast – paced NASA program. Thus, MRI was able to carve out a successful niche with ability and determination. Through the years MRI has evolved into a family business. The dedication to succeed through a balance of time - tested and innovative approaches to machining is still an integral part of Metal Research. Our foundational principle of providing quality precision workmanship in all that we do is reflected in a “can do” work ethic. Over the years MRI has produced a variety of ground support and flight hardware for NASA. Metal Research, to this day, takes pride in the capability to produce complex, quality sensitive, flight-worthy hardware as well as the everyday garden-variety machined parts. Items for the Space Shuttle Program that Metal Research has produced include tools for the manual release and recovery of the TOS satellite system, dust caps for the cargo bay, protein sample plugs for space experiments, and the housing for select high voltage hardware and camera equipment. MRI built the injector core and other miscellaneous components for the 60K X-34 rocket engine that was successfully test fired by Marshall Space Flight Center. Metal Research, Inc. has a customer base that is as equally important as NASA. Our customers include, but are not limited to, the following companies: Boeing, Thiokol, United Defense, DaimlerChrysler, Accordis and Celgard. These companies, along with local customers, provide MRI with a diverse product mix. Our work has included parts-to-print, reverse engineering, and hand drawn sketches-to-parts. Flexibility, expertise, and dependability draws repeat work from our customers. From the 1960’s to the present, Metal Research has been very successful in our work for NASA. We genuinely feel that we can work with you in the same productive, successful manner.
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